Donations & Fundraising

The management team at Barley’s Brewing Company and Brewcadia is proud to support our community through the donation of cash, in-kind donations, gift cards, branded apparel and other items to philanthropic organizations that fall within the following areas:

  • Healthy Kids & Families
  • Cancer Research
  • Animal Welfare

How to Make a Donation Request

If you would like to request a donation, please submit it in writing to Jason Fabian at (You can also submit your request online using the form below:

Hosting a Fundraising Event

If your donation request does not fall within the philanthropic categories we support at this time, please consider hosting a fundraising event at Barley’s Underground or Brewcadia. We have unique options, such as beer tastings, that can help draw donors to your event.

Barley’s Underground (50 guest minimum)

For fundraising events, we will waive the $100 room charge and donate a large veggie tray or cheese tray.

Brewcadia (25 guest minimum)

For every five guests at your fundraiser, we will donate one large pizza.


For more information, email Jason Fabian at or Maureen Hemmelgarn at